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Michelle Pakron
Mississippi Secretary of State site
Award-winning Project

award-winning project

Mississippi Secretary of State Website Redesign

UX Analysis & Design, Content Strategy, UI Design, HTML & CSS, SharePoint Branding & Implementation

a year in the making

In late 2013, the MSI team started work completely redesigning and rebuilding the Mississippi Secretary of State's website. Launched Summer 2014, we provided a fresh look that still reflected the Secretary's branding while being modern and responsive.

The new site has many new features, is mobile-optimized, and features Google Custom Search with several Best Bets loaded to optimize search results. The SharePoint integration allows the site to be easily updated by non-technical staff, assuring that the site is always up to date to provide best in class content to users.

what i did

I was the primary strategist, UX analyst and designer, UI Designer, and front end web developer for the SOS site. I worked to restructure the content and architecture, created and implemented a new UI design, coded the site in HTML/CSS/JS, integrated the site in SharePoint 2010, made the site mobile-optimized, and tested the site on multiple devices. I also created several custom data view webparts to surface list data throughout the site, as well as created an interactive form using a third-party form webpart that connects to a custom workflow that I wrote.

As part of the UX process, I interviewed stakeholders in order to determine how to best improve the site. An online card sort using the Optimal Sort software was created to allow stakeholders to help in creating a new information architecture. Along with a competitive audit of all existing state Secretary of State websites, I also conducted a complete site and content audit in order to create recommendations for how to best redesign the site. I also redesigned several functional areas of the site, including creating the UI and specifications for a site-wide admin application.

Designed in Adobe Fireworks, built with Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Designer, and Notepad. Adobe Photoshop was used to edit all photos used on the site; photos exported to the web with Fireworks. The site uses SharePoint 2010 as its CMS. Built on a PC laptop. Advanced javascript development and .NET programming by Jesse Kyzar. Built at Mississippi Interactive for the Mississippi Secretary of State.


The site has recently (June 2015) won 2 national design awards: a Gold Hermes award and a Silver Award of Distinction for the Home page from the Communicator awards.

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SOS Website // Launched 2014

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SOS wireframe

Wireframe for site.

SOS Admin App

Excerpt from specifications for sitewide admin app.

SOS Enforcement Actions

In SharePoint, I created a custom list and a custom data view web part to organize and display all of the legal enforcement actions issued by the SOS office.

SOS Fees and Forms

I was able to create a full fees and forms directory using SharePoint lists and data view web parts.