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Michelle Pakron

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Invesco US iPhone App Q3 2015 Release: Polling

UX Analysis & Design, Mobile IXD/UI Design

The 2015 third quarter release of the Invesco US iPhone app included a new polling feature that integrates with the existing Advisor Events functionality. The new feature allows event session moderators to create polls that they can allow session attendees to answer live during sessions. The results are displayed in real-time; the app is accompanied by a web-based admin application.

As the UX Analyst and Designer for the app, I was given the general requirements for the feature and then I conducted research by reviewing other event apps. I sketched out ideas and then once I received buy-in from the product owner I created high-fidelity mock-ups of the screens. These mocks were used to collaborate with the iOS developers to create the final feature. The live poll results feature that I designed was also integrated into the admin console created for the app.

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Created at Invesco for Invesco US