The world needs more intentional design

Michelle Pakron


i love animals and have awesome critters

I currently have seven pets, though I recenlty had eight. Four dogs and three cats. My most recent adoption is a lab-mix puppy named Princess Buttercup-she is a holy terror and cute as heck. My newest cat (who ran out the front door one night and dissapeared into the woods) was a wee baby kitten named Bo that I found in a bush. She was my first time bottle feeding a baby kitten-yea Google for instructions on how to do everything! My beloved Petey the Pug, who had just turned 13, passed away August 2013. I had him since he was a three pound puglet-he was an awesome pug. I have a mostly pug puggle named Bebe and she is a big baby. I have a another pug mix, Mickey, who we think is maybe mixed with Jack Russell... He is an older boy but is awesome-seriously people, adopt older dogs!!! My newest dog is also a rescue. He is a chiweenie named Billy. Animal Rescue New Orleans asked if I would take him since he didn't like being in a cage and therefore didn't show well to people. He is a shy boy who has now become my dad's dog. My oldest critter is Henry the cat-he was a Katrina refugee from Mississippi who I adopted in 2006. At the same time I adopted Henry I also adopted a wee kitten I named Coco. Coco and Henry bonded immediately and are best buds. Another ARNO critter I rescued is Carlito. He has the sweetest personality and is very playful. I hope to adopt another pug in the future, along with a gecko or other groovy lizard-like critter :) I also really really want a monkey, but I'll settle for a gecko ;)