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Michelle Pakron
Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services

featured project

Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services Website Redesign

UX Analysis & Design, Content Strategy, UI Design, HTML & CSS, SharePoint Branding & Implementation; Quality Control & Browser/Device Testing

ms dept. of information technology services

One of the first responsive web design projects I ever worked on was for the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) in 2012. The site is also one of the first responsive SharePoint sites in the wild.

The project started with a complete re-branding effort that resulted in a new logo unlike most government agency logos. This logo informed the design of the new site, which was completely rebuilt and restructured from the ground up.

The new site is loaded with new functionality, is completely mobile-friendly, and is easy for the agency to maintain on a day to day basis.

what i did

I was the primary strategist, UX analyst and designer, UI Designer, and front end web developer for the new ITS site. I created the new logo and site design, took photos of the ITS building, built the site in HTML/CSS/JS, integrated it within SharePoint 2010, migrated over all of the site content, and then I trained the ITS staff to maintain the site via in-class and written training materials. I also created several Data View webparts to surface list data throughout the site.

techy bits

Designed in Adobe Fireworks, built with Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Designer, and Notepad. Adobe Photoshop was used to edit all photos used on the site; photos exported to the web with Fireworks. The site uses SharePoint 2010 as its CMS. Built on a PC laptop. Advanced javascript development and .NET programming by Jesse Kyzar. Created at Mississippi Interactive for the State of Mississippi, Department of Information Technology Services.