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UX Deliverables & Writing

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Before there was a separate discipline called UX, folks like myself who started in the 90s did UX tasks all the time as part of our regular day jobs. Tasks like create information architecture diagrams, user process flows, functional specifications, user scenarios, wireframes, mock-ups, surveys, competitive analysis, content audits, copy writing, training documentation, field audits, and anything else needed. These activities gave meaning and structure to the web sites and applications that I built and were instrumental in creating the best possible work.

Research is always built into every project I work, be it a logo, an intranet, a state website, or an application, everything starts with research. Perhaps it is my background in science, but I find it easy to understand processes and to break them down so that they make sense. This ability translates into workable deliverables that are detailed, readable, and buildable.

I have created technical documentation that has resulted in dozens of successful applications. I have used programs such as Axure to create highly detailed information architecture and site specification documents. I have also written extremely detailed user training materials and performed in-class training for company directors, managers, and end-users.

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Lots and lots of Post-It notes, index cards, Moleskins filled with sketches, scrap paper with little boxes, Visio, Word, and Axure-I use every tool in my arsenal. I always start on paper and only create higher fidelity deliverables if absolutely necessary. Creating working prototypes in code (html/css) that can be sent directly to development versus non-production prototypes (Axure) is my preferred process.

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NOTE: Many of the deliverables below were created while employed at Stewart Enterprises. Stewart was purchased in 2013 and these systems are no longer in use.

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