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Tips for Getting a Web Gig

I have interviewed my share of web designers over the past few years and there are always some things that stand out to me, in the “Don’t do this if you want a job” kinda way. If you are about to apply for a web gig, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Be Findable on the Interwebs
    If I Google you and have trouble finding your digital footprint, FAIL. Create some blogs where you talk about web stuff, make a site about kittens, get a LinkedIn account, whatever. Just have a presence beyond your Facebook profile.
  2. Have a Flippin Website Portfolio
    Applying for a design position? Where’s your portfolio??? Too many people apply for gigs at my company and they have no website. I need to be able to see what kind of designer you are, and I most totally am peeping at your code (God help you if you use tables for layout…)
  3. Design Your Resume
    Please don’t show up with a generic Word resume. Take the time to design it in Illustrator or InDesign and make it look AMAZING. And do NOT show up with a scrapbook resume with glued bits of craft paper (true story). This aint Hobby Lobby, yo.
  4. Learn to Write Real Good
    Yes, I am using wacky grammar all over this thang, because it is my blog an all, but the point is my resumes and professional writing are flippin AMAZING. I craft my words and double-check everything, because the ability to communicate in this profession (or any profession, really) is extremely important. Please don’t mix cases, don’t misspell words, and don’t sound like you dropped out of third grade, because I won’t even bother interviewing you if I don’t believe you have a sufficient grasp of grammar.
  5. Do Your Research
    If you know my name or the name of my company, activate your Google-Fu and learn whatever you can about me and who I work for because I will ask you if you did any research. Interviews are a two way deal-you might not WANT to work at my company and if you don’t take the time to learn about what we do, what our values are, and how we make a living, then I am going to assume you are lazy and just don’t care.
  6. Don’t Over or Under Sell Yourself
    I will totally figure out real quick if your supposed knowledge about xyz is real or not, and if not, FAIL. Please don’t waste a companies time by lying about your skillset. If a company says they need advanced knowledge of Picklemeister Pro, you better have it.  And if you are a master at abc, let your interviewer know! Being humble doesn’t mean hiding your skillz. My advice to people is if an interviewer asks you if you know how to do something and you don’t know, say “I don’t know how to do that at this time, but I will. I will learn any and all skills required to perform my job”.
  7. Don’t Be a D!ck
    Do not come up in here with all kinds of sassy pants attitude, acting like you all bada$$ and own the place, because you don’t. The person interviewing you probably has way more experience than you do and even if they don’t, they have the power to influence your hiring, so show them proper respect.  :)

So there you go, 7 super awesome tips to help you in your quest to rule the interwebs.


I Like Toys

So I have decided to face the reality that me, myself, an almost 38 year old woman, loves her some toys. I love to photograph them. I stay up late thinking of different shooting scenarios for them. That is who I am. I have surrendered to my calling. I started a new Tumblr, called Fun with Toys. I will post my shots there.


Check it out:


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To start off the fun, here be a dragon:

Groovy Dragonfly


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and because I am feeling generous, meet my new rescue pugish dog, Mickey Midnite:

Mickey the Dog

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