This here is a blog about user experience, interactive design, photography, and whatever else I feel like sharing. I am Michelle Pakron, a UX/UI strategist and designer, critter mama, and nerd. I teared up when Optimus Prime transformed and said “I am Optimus Prime” in the first Transformers movie-that says more about me then pretty much anything.

I used to run a blog for designers who use SharePoint called SharePoint for Designers back when Sharepoint was my jam-my work focus is on UX for web and mobile lately. I like dragonflies, pugs, robots, and coffee. And cats that always look grumpy-that cat frickin kills me.

I am also the webmaster for my favorite charity, Animal Rescue New Orleans. Go adopt a critter, or eight….yes, I have eight pets.

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  1. Hey, you got some good design skills. Just thought I’d point that out!


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