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  1. Wonderful article Matt. It’s just prctiace folks, you will start off slowly. I have about ten sketchbooks full of sketchnotes, I look back on the early ones now and cringe. But I know that in the future I will look back on the ones I have recently done and cringe at them as well. It’s about relative scale, if you prctiace you will get better and over time develop your own style.As Matt suggests go prctiace copying and drawing standard objects, increasing your standard library, prctiace these all the time till they become second nature to draw. Also prctiace printing neatly at speed. Knowing what to draw and what not too is sometimes a guessing game. Don’t worry about making mistakes, after all the sketchnote is for you not other people. Worst is when a speaker is allowed to go over time or under time or your are given the wrong finish time. That does stuff up the sketchnote. Mind you can always backfill if the talk runs short. Want a real challenge sketchnote the evening news.

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