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Michelle Pakron

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Invesco Corporate Redesign

UX Analysis & Design, UI Design, initial HTML/CSS, & User Testing

The newly launched corporate site has been completely redesigned for ease of use, with a new architecture, visual design, and new mobile-first framework. Constant user testing assures that the site will continue to grow and adapt to user needs.

Created at Invesco for Invesco Ltd.

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I don't make things pretty. I make them make sense.

Poorly designed experiences are everywhere. I have encountered countless examples of bad design in my life, from ugly websites, unprofessional logos, horrid forms, to real-world monsters such as doors that don’t clearly indicate if they should be pushed or pulled, impossible gas station credit card interfaces, and mind-numbingly complex processes to do simple things like get a drivers license. Design is not about making pretty things. Design solves problems. My professional goal is to solve as many problems as I can using smart thinking, research, and design. Bad design negatively affects people, and people are at the core of all design problems. I believe the world needs more Intentional Design.

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Mississippi Secretary of State site
Award-winning Project

award-winning project

Mississippi Secretary of State Website Redesign

UX Analysis & Design, Content Strategy, UI Design, HTML & CSS, SharePoint Branding & Implementation

A year in the making, the redesign of the Mississippi Secretary of State Website, which won two design awards in 2015, was a massive departure from the previous site. The architecture of the content was restructured to better align with user needs. The search was rebuilt using Google Custom search and was loaded with curated Best Bets, ensuring that users had a truly usable and useful search experience. Custom SharePoint data view web parts, combined with a skillful mix of JavaScript, resulted in a slew of data displays and other user-focused features. To complete the attention to detail for the user was a beyond responsive design that does way more than simply collapse down into a single column on mobile. An extreme attention to detail in the mobile design and media queries ensures a perfect fit, no matter the view port.

Created for the MS Secretary of State while employed at Mississippi Interactive

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